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Buy IT decision makers list from Data Infometrix and start to love your marketing. Our data list experts can help you to build the list of of your target and help you run the successful campaign for your organisation.

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How we compile IT decision makers List

We can source lists of IT decision makers such as IT managers and IT directors for all areas of the US and international regions. Secure new customers now by using the most accurate IT decision maker databases available. When marketing to IT managers, experienced help is required to make sure your IT contacts marketing campaigns are smooth and effortless and gain maximum ROI. It’s not easy to get the name of the person heading up the IT department so an expertly built database is essential. Want to select IT Managers by the type of hardware they run? No problem. We have benchmarked all the credible IT decision-maker lists and worked out where and who the current IT purchasing contacts are for SME’s up to PLC’s.

What we can deliver to you

  • Human verified and AI integrated qualified list.
  • 5 Star rated lists in the industry.
  • Have access to the biggest database of businesses to find right target.

What you get with our B2B mailing lists:

  • Company name
  • Contact name, with job title
  • Business Email Address
  • The Web and postal address
  • Contact number
  • Type of business and number of employees
  • Annual sales
  • North American Industry and Standard Industrial Classifications etc.

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